July Update

Hello Everyone!

It has been a very busy period since we last chatted. Ryan has had several positive reactions to his submitted stories, but, to be honest, no acceptances yet. There has been a lot of praises and some excellent constructive criticism, but we’re still batting .000.

We need a hit! LOL!

This is a great learning experience though. We’ve seen the negative attitude and inflated egos of certain publishers. The biggest shock has been the non-professional manner in which some publishers choose to do business. Our thought is, not only are we submitting work on a professional level, but chances are we are also going to be purchasinging the publication. Unless, of course, they choose to take a non-professional attitude with us. At that point why would any sensible person continue to purchase their goods? They’ve now lost at least one customer, if not more.

It boggles the mind.

Work has continued on the novel. A very helpful Editor was kind enough to make some really great suggestions that just made a lot of sense. So the old idea was scrapped for now and the newest idea is in motion. We’re really happy with this and progress is coming along nicely.

On the side work is being put into two different short stories. Cross your fingers that these are the “hits” we’ve been looking for!

On top of all of that, it’s summer time! The 4th of July was great. Who doesn’t like fireworks and BBQs? Good times!

Take care and be watchful of the things that lurk just below the surface. Was that seaweed tickling your toes…or something with teeth?


~ by ryanmastersadmin on July 14, 2007.

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