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Spring is here and that means that Summer is right around the corner! Summer is by far the best season! It’s a great time for going to the beach, playing sports, and camping!

Did you ever go camping and run into the one weird guy who immediately gives you the impression that he is a Serial Killer? Yeah, me too!

Ever wonder what would happen when two Serial Killers meet in the woods? Do they scream as loud as their victims had even if no one is there to hear them?

Ryan is working on a new short story the delves into a situation very similar to this! In his new story titled ‘Forest Green’ we get to see exactly what happens when two like-minded psychopaths butt heads.

It’s guaranteed to be a thriller!

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the weather!

Until next time, be careful where you sent up your tent when camping. You never know who might be lurking in the nearby forest…


More Updates!

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Hello Everyone!

 I can not believe that a month has gone by since our last update. I apologize for that!

Ryan’s wife was recently in the hospital for some minor surgery. She is fine now, but that ate up a lot of free time. All of the emails full of well wishes was greatly appreciated.

Ryan had finished an outline for his first novel and was on the verge of beginning to write when it was decided to scrap that story idea…for now. The original story line was exciting, but he felt that it was not different enough for a first time novel. It would be well suited for a 3rd or 4th once he is more established.

So, right now it is back to the drawing board. He has the initial stages of a new outline in the works.

I’ll keep you updated!


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Just a quick update.

Ryan has been really busy in the early stages of writing his first horror book. He told us that his process is to take a basic idea that he has floating around in his head, write a simple outline, and then start building onto that outline by adding details such as characters, towns, and any other specifics that are needed. This is the point where his characters begin to take on a life of their own. He said that he’ll then let that outline sit for about a week or two and then revisit it and make some changes based on this somewhat fresh view. Once that is nailed down, he will begin to write the actual rough draft of the book.

He didn’t give much clue as to the exact plot, only that it was a haunted house type of story with a twist.

He is awaiting replies on a handful of short stories that we sent out and he hopes to have something new posted here this week.

Take care and have a great week!

28 Days – A Short Story

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Hello Fans and Friends!

Below is a short story published for your enjoyment! Please settle in and give it a read. We’d be more than happy if the mood strikes you to leave a comment. 


She crawled, beaten, bloodied, and bruised, from the secret room in the basement prison where she’d spent the last 28 days of her life. She paused to look at the surroundings. This room was much different than the room she had been locked in. While her cage was dug into the earth and featured walls made of scrap plywood and floors of cold, damp soil, this room was bright and clean. In the corner was a pinball machine. It’s flashing lights and hypnotic sound effects normally made her happy and excited, now they represented an evil of the worst kind. The rest of the room was well stocked with toys and games and even a cotton candy machine that spun webs of pink sugary goodness. All of it now was a pure form evil in her eyes.

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On Writing Horror

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From Ryan:

 “When asked why I choose to write about horror and the unknown, the answer is easy.

I am in enticed and excited with the notion of ‘What if…’. The multitude of scenarios that can come to life when you take a random action and introduce a little taste of ‘What if…’ My mind races with the ideas of all of the different interactions that I can make these characters experience.

Something as simple as a couple parked in a secluded spot. They are steaming up the windows as they undress each other in the moonlight. What was that? A twig snapping under the weight of a woodland creature foraging for food?

What if…it is an unwelcome and unknown onlooker. He’s biding his time and planning his attack…What if he is just taking in the view and waiting until the next opportunity. He gives the unsuspecting couple a sense of security before lopping off their heads on a future visit.

What if…it is the ground around them moaning and groaning as they are slowly sinking into the fiery pits of hell. The ground swallows them whole and spits them into another world.

What if…the ground around them is moaning and groaning as bodies…zombies maybe…are emerging from the shallow graves that litter this particular area. What if this is a dumping ground for the Mafia and the corpses are coming back for a taste of revenge. This poor couple was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It is these whimsical and horrific ideas that get my blood pumping and usually results in the spilling of blood from one or more of my characters!”

Update: “They Cast Shadows”

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In an effort to keep you up to date on not only the good, but the bad as well, we thought that we should tell you that the submission for “They Cast Shadows” was rejected.

The reply was quick, only 3 days!

The Fiction Editor was fair and honest. That is always appreciated and is helpful in building a stronger story for the next submission.

In other news, we should have a new flash fiction story posted sometime this weekend for your enjoyment.

Have a great week!

“They Cast Shadows”

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Ryan has finished the rough draft of his first short story titled, They Cast Shadows. After some editing and some rewrites, he plans on submitting the story to a Horror magazine. This story has been written specifically for them in hopes of being published.

The story is the tale of a Private Detective, the lengths he will go to in order to get the money shot, and what happens when a super natural creature has other plans!

We’ll keep you updated!

Thanks for your support!